Join us for group Yoga classes. We offer a wide variety of styles of Yoga for all levels of experience.


Want to do hot yoga in a more intimate setting? Enjoy having your own personal Hot Box anytime, at your own schedule and pace.


Enjoy the healing powers of Far-Infrared in one of our therapy beds, with Far-Infrared Yoga classes and Hot Boxes.


Pranique is a gathering place for peace.

Our mission is to help the community attain self-realization through meditation, yoga, Pranic Healing and holistic therapies.

We provide a sacred space for our community to explore their unique spiritual path and transform lives in the deepest way possible. In this nurturing space, we aim to help those heal their physical pain, find emotional freedom and deeply connect spiritually. It is our desire to offer you a spiritual and healing center where openness, faith, love and relaxation permeate through our practitioners, events, classes and store. At Pranique, we understand the intimate connection between mind, body and spirit as well as between the individual and the environment.

Experience tranquility and rejuvenation. Strengthen the physical body with yoga , connecting spiritually through meditation. Heal on all levels with Pranic Healing and escape from the world on one of our infrared crystal massage beds. Stimulate the mind with a variety of workshops and pamper yourself with an exclusive range of healing products. All this is conveniently located in Oldsmar/Tampa. We offer comprehensive packages that enable our clients to receive the best treatments and classes at affordable rates.


I just need to tell you how incredible Pranique is and how much it has helped me. I am a mental health counselor and the need for self-care is huge. Going to Pranique has completely transformed the way I feel about myself and my ability to love and nourish both the physical and spiritual aspects of who I am. So, thank you so much for creating my safe space!

I love it here! They offer various types of yoga including aerial!! The jade massage beds are my favorite. The overall atmosphere is welcoming and all staff members (especially Alexis) are very helpful and friendly. The online scheduling is very convenient. The hot box detox yoga is fantastic. You get such a great workout in just 30 minutes. I’ve dome hot yoga before, but the infrared heat used here is so much better than just a heated room. I try to make it here as often as possible…LOVE IT.

Great place and staff all around! Hot Box Detox is amazing! They have a huge variety of classes and great pricing! Love that they’ve added Aerial Yoga, so fun!

I really enjoy Pranique, I feel rejuvenated and energized after my sessions. I especially enjoy the aqua bed which includes a program that works only the abs, highly recommend because it feels good and has many health benefits.

Staff is very friendly and inviting. The hot box membership is definitely worth the money. I go a few times a week now and I’ve noticed I feel more relaxed and more toned.

I love going to Pranique. My favorite thing to do is the Hot Box Detox. I always feel energized and peaceful when I leave there. What a great 30 minute work out. I prefer to do it later in the day so I can then go home, take a shower and sleep like a baby. They offer so many other services there to. You have to try this…it’s addicting.

This is an amazing healing center and yoga studio. They offer alot of experiences unlike other places in the area. Hot box detox, a variety of yoga classes, unique workshops on energy healing and other modalities, acro yoga, salt rooms….It’s a magical place. Go!


  • Many Styles of Yoga Offered

  • Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy

  • Far Infrared Therapy

  • Private Hot Yoga Boxes

  • Far Infrared Jade Beds

  • Aqua Massage Bed

  • Far Infrared Heated Yoga Room

  • Three Beautiful Studio Spaces

  • Private Studio Space

  • Full Yoga and Gift Boutique

  • Towel Rentals Available for $3.00

  • Mat Rental for $2.00

  • Bottled Water $1.50

  • Coconut Water $3.50

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